Marketing Evolution, a self-proclaimed “trail blazer” in Intelligence-based Marketing Measurement and Optimization, announced it has raised $4 million in venture capital from Zetta Venture Partners.

Marketing Evolution says it is the first (and only) company to put together attribution and real-time optimization to allow in-flight creative rotation, targeting, and media mix changes down to the person-level for both online and offline media.

How does it work? Marketing Evolution’s software looks at a consumer across devices and puts together a complete understanding of what motivates them to buy.

According to founder and CEO Rex Briggs, “Marketing Evolution is leading a new category of marketing analytics powered by massive amounts of data and AI. We predict future sales and match individual messages to individual consumers based on their behavior, media patterns, location, current weather conditions and many other factors. We are replacing the old approaches of mix models, brand tracking and attribution with something much better.”

“We are the first vendor to optimize in real-time, while the campaign is running,” he tells us, adding that marketers “are replacing existing measurement products that can only deliver reports after it is too late to change the message rotation and media placements. As a result, on average, deploying Marketing Evolution has given customers an increase of 31% in profits due to advertising.”

Thursday’s media announcement affirms that Marketing Evolution has now signed more than 50 enterprise customers to date, including marquee brands such as Amgen, Citibank, COX, Timberland, and Warner Brothers.

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