Can Mobile Construction Apps Save Your Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Like any other business, the foundation of a successful construction business depends on effective communication and documentation. And this is where many construction companies — especially the small businesses — tend to struggle.

The Rise of Mobile Construction Apps

That’s why, a growing number of construction companies are now turning to mobile apps to get organized.

An Effective ‘App’roach to Boosting Productivity

According to data shared by construction productivity software company PlanGrid, 32 percent of mobile productivity software users saved five plus hours per week on average. That’s particularly significant for any small business owner.

Data also shows how mobile apps can reduce inefficiencies to save costs. To give an example, a one percent reduction of construction costs can potentially save $100 billion a year globally. (So you can imagine how much it can save at your small construction firm.)

Transforming a Construction Company’s Triple Bottom Line

Mobile apps are attractive to construction businesses as they provide a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include real-time information updates, document storage and improved accountability.

By making processes more streamlined and communication more transparent, mobile apps ultimately help businesses boost customer satisfaction.

Lay the Groundwork for Success

But success depends on how well a business leverages the technology. It’s therefore crucial that a business understands who needs it and how best it can be used. For that, it’s important to answer a few questions.

For example, which departments at your construction business can collaborate better using the app? Do they need training? Who can guide them to become more digitally proficient?

An app can deliver desired results only when the organization knows how to use it. With the right solutions, it’s easier to navigate the route.

To learn more about how an app can help you build a more structured construction business, check out the infographic below:

Can Mobile Construction Apps Save Your Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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U.S. Ranks 5th Among Cashless Countries -- 3 Credit Cards for Every American

Across the world, cashless culture is now the new normal and the United States is among the top countries to have embraced it.

Data shared by Forex bonus provider ForexBonuses shows there are nearly three credit cards for every person in the U.S. The country ranks fifth among cashless countries.

Potential for Rank Improvement

For years, credit cards have been a part of the American way of life. Yet the country lags behind Canada, Sweden, U.K. and France in cashless transactions. The reason? Possibly, the reluctance of some businesses in allowing customers to pay in plastic.

Because of this, 47 percent of U.S. payments are still made with cash. In comparison, 59 percent of all Swedish consumer transactions are completed through non-cash methods.

Cashless Countries Ahead of the U.S.

Thanks to the popularity of cashless payment methods, 47 percent of consumers in the U.K. are using alternative payments for most transactions. France has also adopted the cashless trend, with 39 percent of cards already having contactless technology.

But it’s Canada that’s leading this popular trend. There are two credit cards for every person living in the country, which explains the popularity of cashless payment.

Offer Cashless Options to Keep Up with Consumers

With some experts predicting completely cashless societies to emerge as soon as 2022, it’s important for businesses to prepare themselves.

Mobile payment platforms, for example, are expected to play a major role in future transactions. Businesses must understand how they can leverage these platforms to gain an edge.

Today, a large number of businesses still mostly or only accept cash. To stay relevant in the near-future, such businesses must rethink their strategies.

To learn more about cashless countries, check out the infographic below:

U.S. Ranks 5th Among Cashless Countries -- 3 Credit Cards for Every American.

Image: ForexBonuses

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Company Culture Examples to Use as Inspiration

Most big companies started out small. Google started in a garage while the idea for Facebook was born at a university campus. It goes without saying, small businesses can learn a lot from these big players and their success strategies.

The question is what do these big companies do differently to stay ahead? The answer: they have excelled at creating a strong company culture.

Company Culture Examples

London-based serviced apartment agent SilverDoo has compiled a list of company culture lessons you can learn from the world’s biggest companies.

Google Believes Communication is Key

At Google, every new employee is greeted with an open door policy. This allows new employees to access information quickly, engage in more open communication and form work relationships.

For a small business, communication plays an even bigger role because teams tend to be smaller. By boosting communication, companies can improve teamwork and cooperation between resources.

Etsy Aims to Break the Mold

Successful companies change the status-quo from time to time. Take Etsy, for example. The company strove to promote workplace diversity by hiring more female engineers. The strategy worked and even benefited the recruitment of male employees who were equally excited about the promotion of diversity within the company.

Etsy proved how an inclusive and diverse workplace can foster creativity and help attract talent.

Nike Focuses on Internal Development

A constant challenge for small businesses is to retain their top talent. One company has shown how internal development can help address this problem. Nike (NYSE:NKE) encourages its employees to work out which direction they would like their careers to take. Once they have decided, employees are encouraged to share their aspirations with Nike so the company can help them develop internally.

Showing employees that you care about their career growth is a great way to increase their loyalty towards your company.

To know more about the winning strategies of large corporations, check out the infographic below:

Company Culture Examples to Use as Inspiration

Images: Silver Door

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Janitorial and Cleaning Business Insurance Tips

Accidents may be unavoidable but it is possible for small business owners to prevent these accidents from turning into disasters. You’ll want to be especially careful if you own a janitorial or custodial business. Otherwise, you may end up paying a heavy price.

Consider data (PDF) compiled by small business liability insurance company, InsuranceBee. It shows slips, trips and falls make up 10 percent of all small business claims, with an average payout of $20,000.

What’s more, if a third-party is injured, the average liability awarded is between $60,000 and $100,000.

Janitorial and Cleaning Business Insurance Tips

Get Smart, Get Insured

If you don’t want to pay large sums of money on damages, get a cleaning and janitorial general liability insurance policy in place.

Not only can it help protect your business by paying for legal defense. It will cover the cost of any compensation awarded.

Minimize the Risk of a Claim

It’s of course best to minimize the risk of a claim against your business. For that, you can take some preventive measures. For example, provide training for employees to help them understand how they should carry out day-to-day tasks.

Ensure your staff follows procedures correctly to minimize the risk of injury to third parties. For instance, they should use signage to alert others to a potential risk such as a wet floor.

Another good idea is to make sure employees performing specialist cleaning tasks have the correct certification to perform their duties.

Protect Your Equipment When You Hire a Cleaning or Janitorial Company

If, however, you are on the other side of the spectrum and want to hire a cleaning company, there are steps you can take to prevent damages.

Secure or relocate your rare, valuable and fragile items that could be damaged.

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Importance of a Call-to-Action Your About Page

If you’re missing a call-to-action in your about us page, you’re missing out on several leads. That’s according to data presented by digital marketing company Siege Media.

Importance of a Call-to-Action on Your About Page

Data shows adding a call-to-action towards the bottom of your about us page can increase conversions by 300 percent.

Create an Impactful About Us Page with a Video

Data also reveals a clear connection between videos and conversions on about us pages. According to a Forbes study, 59 percent of senior executives prefer video to text, if both are offered on a page.

Videos work well with millennials too, with 7 out of 10 millennials likely to watch a company video when shopping online.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Interestingly, it’s not just videos that can boost engagement on your about us page. Images also make a big difference.

Studies from Nielson Normal Group found customers spend 10 percent more time looking at photos than reading text. Clearly, visuals appeal more to your target audience and real images are even more effective. Data from VWO revealed real images increased page conversions by 45 percent.

Build Credibility with Reviews and Testimonials

Got great reviews from happy customers? Why not showcase them in your about us page? Including customer testimonials increased sales by 34 percent for Wikijob. There’s no reason why it can’t provide you with similar benefits.

Positive reviews can help you win the trust of new customers. Seventy-two percent of people say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Want to know more about how you can create a great about us page? Check out the infographic below for more information:

Importance of a Call-to-Action Your About Page

Image: Siege Media

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