Exponential Interactive, one of the largest digital advertising companies globally, has been accredited by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) with its “Certified Against Fraud” Seal.

The accreditation follows TAG’s ‘Certified Against Fraud’ Guidelines, and was achieved via an audit by an independent third party approved by TAG, BPA Worldwide.

As required by the TAG guidelines, Exponential also works in compliance with The Media Rating Council’s Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines (MRC IVT Guidelines).

To achieve compliance, Exponential has demonstrated its methodology is in accordance with TAG’s guidelines for its certification against fraud. Exponential employs multiple tools and controls to protect advertisers from invalid traffic, including regularly updated whitelists and blacklists, proprietary activity-based detection checks and manual invalid traffic checks, partner qualification controls for publishers upon being accepted into the network and ongoing process and transaction auditing for publishers. Exponential also employs a thorough compliance process with dedicated compliance and data quality officers and strict processes for handling invalid traffic complaints.

“Exponential is working alongside TAG to combat ad fraud. As an advertising intelligence company, we fully understand and recognize just how important it is to be vigilant about fraud,” said Tim Sleath, VP of product management, Exponential. “The industry is in a new era of digital transparency. It’s vital that companies work to prevent fraud and ensure brand safety. We are proud to play our part in making online advertising a safer, cleaner place and hope other companies follow suit.”

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So, you want to start a business. That’s great! Starting a business can be a great way to make extra money, achieve financial independence, and live your desired lifestyle.

However, before you start things off, it’s important to know a few things. Starting a business isn’t always the glamorous lifestyle you’ve heard of. Here are five things to keep in mind as you move forward:

1. You Have to Know the Right Business for You

Before starting a business, you should know what is likely to be right for you. Not everyone does well in a brick and mortar location. Some people aren’t cut out for business models that involve freelancing.

There are a lot of potential business models and plenty of ideas for budding entrepreneurs. Do the research. Know what’s right for you. Pursue a business idea that offers you a better chance of success.

2. You Need to Know the Purpose of Your Business

Does your business have a purpose? Are you solving a problem? Are you making people’s lives better?

Understanding your purpose is vital when starting a business. You should know the “why” behind what you do. It’s not enough to just want to make money. You should have a clear idea of why you are going into business — and why the model you choose is the right one.

When you understand your purpose as a business owner, you are more likely to stick with it and succeed.

3. You Need to Know the Basics of Accounting and Finance

A basic knowledge of finance and accounting can be a big help when starting a business. This includes understanding how to limit your debt, manage cash flow, and other concepts.

Before starting a business, brush up basic money management concepts, as well as business basics. When you start on a solid foundation, you are less likely to have serious problems later.

Plus, it can help you get your own personal finances in order before you take the plunge. Having your own financial house in order is vital, and you also need to make sure you keep your personal and business finances separate.

4. You Should Know How Your Family Will Operate as You’re Starting a Business

Too often, entrepreneurs jump in without thinking about the impacts on their families. However, before you start a business, you should sit down with your life partner. Talk about the realities and the sacrifices.

You also need to set boundaries for your work. It’s easy to get caught up in entrepreneurship, but you also need to maintain a work-life balance. You don’t want your personal relationships to fall apart — especially those important family relationships. Know how to handle this ahead of time.

5. You Need to Know the End Game

Finally, make sure you understand the end game. Do you plan to build a business you can sell to someone else? Do you hope to start a small solopreneur or lifestyle business that you can run yourself, with no plans to scale up? Are you planning to pass the business on to your kids?

Understanding the end game now can help you build the right kind of business structure and plan for succession if necessary. Pay attention at the start of your business journey, and you will be better positioned for success later.


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