Beijing OrionStar Technology Co. — a China-based artificial intelligence company with which Cheetah Mobile Inc. — announced this week that it has entered into an investment agreement, recently ranked number one in the “MS-Celeb-1M” challenge, a competition to recognize and identify images of one million celebrities in a pre-set database.

According to a statement emailed to MMW, the challenge was organized by Microsoft Research (MSR) for a workshop at ICCV 2017, the world’s premier international computer vision event.

Researchers at MSR published the first MS-Celeb-1M dataset, comprising images of real-life celebrities, in June 2016 to encourage the development of advanced facial recognition technologies. At the same time, they launched the first MS-Celeb-1M facial recognition challenge. Participants in the challenge are tasked with using a dataset provided by MSR as training data to develop an image recognition system capable of recognizing one million celebrities.

The facial recognition technology utilized by the OrionStar team in this challenge will have real-world applications for Cheetah Mobile products, including facial recognition software, robotics and mobile apps, the statement reads.

OrionStar’s facial recognition technology is already being used in Cheetah Mobile’s social live broadcasting app.

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Chalk it up as another powerhouse partnership.

MMW received an advance tip on Tuesday that RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, is partnering with Bond Brand Loyalty — a leading customer engagement agency.

The objective? To maximize loyalty engagement efforts with a complete view of customers – across all channels – for loyalty programs and campaigns.

The partnership will provide a unique solution to the market, combining an industry-leading customer engagement hub with a best-in-class enterprise loyalty platform, supporting some of the world’s most influential and valuable brands, to maximize loyalty engagement and brand performance.

We’re told that Bond Brand Loyalty’s Synapze Platform “will leverage the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub to further expand their existing personalization and omnichannel capabilities to better support enterprise real-time customer engagement.”

“Optimizing customer engagement across the enterprise is critical for building brand loyalty, and marketers must have a way to easily take control of all of their data to drive relevancy and effectiveness across all touchpoints,” said RedPoint Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer John Nash. “Our partnership allows Bond Brand Loyalty to create a powerful solution for marketers to enhance their engagement efforts, providing optimal messaging to the customer through any channel to drive consistent and coordinated messaging at the speed of the customer.”

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Tomorrow, millions of Americans will celebrate their beloved nation’s birth in no shortage of familiar ways.

From cook-outs and camp-outs, to road trips and fireworks galore, Americans will be celebrating on Saturday. And mobile will be the star of the party in many, many instances.

Tomorrow, the road trip season officially kicks off. From traveling to water parks and family reunions, to beach destinations and lake cabin retreats, everyone will start going away and getting away immediately.

Without question, Americans who travel short or far now rely on their mobile devices just as much as they do the contents of their luggage.

The 4th of July is one of the biggest days of the year for mobile devices, mobile apps, and mobile marketing. There will be a thousand parades tomorrow. You’ll see restaurants with floats offering mobile coupons. Mobile ads relating to travel and dining will be everywhere. Social media commentary will explode. And digital daily deals will be purely American – discounts on everything from hotdogs to bug repellent.

According to no shortage of market watchers and analysts, Americans will be more more dependent than ever on their mobile devices this Independence Day.

Does this estimate ring true to you in your anticipated plans for the holiday? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.

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Fireworks lie ahead for social media marketers.

ChargeItSpot, a leading provider of cell phone charging stations for major retailers, events, and other indoor public venues, has just announced the results of its “2017 Independence Day Sales Report.”

The study asked consumers if they will be taking advantage of 4th of July sales this year, where they primarily looked for the best deals, and what they would be buying. ChargeItSpot collected responses from over 600 shoppers at malls across the country, using its integrated survey capability, QuickPoll. Below are the key takeaways from the study.

  • What we’ve learned is that 43% of consumers will be taking advantage of 4th of July deals this year
  • When respondents were asked if they would be shopping Independence Day deals, 57% of shoppers said they would not be, while 43% said they would.

“The 4th of July is a key sale time for retailers,” said Douglas Baldasare, CEO and founder of ChargeItSpot. “The long holiday weekend gives stores more time to run their sales and provides flexibility for shoppers. It’s encouraging that nearly half of shoppers will be taking advantage of these sales.”

Of those shoppers who are taking advantage of 4th of July sales, 22% said they would most likely be purchasing sporting goods. Other categorical responses included respondent interest in sales for BBQ supplies (12%), consumer electronics (9%), outdoor gear (4%), and automotive (3%).   

“4th of July shoppers were also asked what resource they use to hunt down deals and sales this year. For all shoppers, the top three resources were social media (37%), online deal sites (17%), and mobile coupon apps (17%) – meaning in-store shoppers are finding their deals online,” the report summary concludes.

For more insight, check out ChargeItSpot online.

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RiskIQ, a prominent leader in digital threat management, announced Wednesday that it has been named Grand Prize Winner in the Security Product category of Interop’s Best of Show awards.

The Best of Show awards, judged at this year’s Interop Tokyo, recognize exhibitors who “demonstrate significant innovation and technological advancements in their respective categories.”

According to a company briefing provided to MMW, business reliance on digital channels to engage with users presents a broad attack surface to obtain sensitive information, gain access credentials, and propagate malware.

“Through its regional distribution partner Macnica Networks, RiskIQ is rapidly expanding its customer base in Japan and Asia-Pacific, helping organizations protect their digital presence from exploits that originate from outside the firewall,” the RiskIQ crew tells us.

In short, the Digital Threat Management Platform and application suite provide unified visibility and control for enterprises, ensuring that their public-facing web, social, and mobile digital assets are continuously monitored and kept safe from unsanctioned use, impersonation, and abuse by malicious threat actors.

“Enterprises are looking to solution vendors such as RiskIQ to help them account for and protect their digital assets, many of which sit outside the corporate network and beyond the protection offered by traditional security solutions,” said Jenna Raby, vice president of APAC at RiskIQ. “We are very honored to receive this award and would like to recognize the dedication and technical excellence of our Japanese distributor, Macnica Networks, in helping us grow within the region and support our mutual customers.”

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