MMW learned Wednesday that inMarket, a beacon proximity giant delivering contextual content to consumers in the retail and nightlife spaces, has claimed top honors at this year’s Best in Biz International Awards.

A trusted company that uses machine learning to analyze billions of data points per month to “paint a picture of consumer behavior,” inMarket was among the standouts at this year’s awards ceremony.

The Best in Biz Awards, if you’re not familiar, is an independent global business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications from around the world.

In its fifth annual International competition, 300 public and private companies hailing from all sectors of the global economy from more than 30 countries competed for recognition.

inMarket’s innovative efforts were recognized by the Best in Biz International Awards on two key fronts.

inMarket CEO Todd Dipaola claimed the Gold as “Innovator of the Year” in the executive category, while inMarket took home silver in the “Most Innovative Company” category.

“Both awards come on the heels of two major launches for inMarket in 2017: inBar, the world’s first on-premise Physical Web platform; and the Lapsed Shopper Program designed to recover lost revenue and customers for retailers,” the company said in a blog post published Wednesday in gracious acknowledgement of the awards.

“Innovation is in our DNA,” inMarket asserts. “As one of the original location-based ad platforms, we’re constantly bringing new tech and methods to the table for our brand and agency partners.”

To review the complete list of winners in this year’s awards program, click here.

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MMW learned Tuesday that — a social media management and customer experience (CX) platform — now allows customers to grow their business and guide social engagement strategy through new Instagram Measurement reports.

We’re told that customers will gain a deeper understanding of clicks, reach, engagement, Story consumption, and more with the ability to create customized reports as well as plan and moderate activities under one platform.

As a result, brand marketers can further strategize on which campaigns are most effective, and will also know which steps to take when they aren’t seeing the best outcomes. This functionality is built in close collaboration with Instagram through exclusive early access to the new Measurement API’s, which Instagram publicly announced earlier this week.

Instagram has over 700 million users and its Stories feature alone is used daily by over 250 million users, which is more than the total number of daily active users on Snapchat’s entire platform, the announcement touts.

“’s Instagram Measurement will be generally available to all customers on July 31,” reads a statement emailed to MMW. “To learn more about Instagram marketing, download our free handbook, How to Create a Social Content Strategy.”

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Chalk it up as another powerhouse partnership.

MMW received an advance tip on Tuesday that RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, is partnering with Bond Brand Loyalty — a leading customer engagement agency.

The objective? To maximize loyalty engagement efforts with a complete view of customers – across all channels – for loyalty programs and campaigns.

The partnership will provide a unique solution to the market, combining an industry-leading customer engagement hub with a best-in-class enterprise loyalty platform, supporting some of the world’s most influential and valuable brands, to maximize loyalty engagement and brand performance.

We’re told that Bond Brand Loyalty’s Synapze Platform “will leverage the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub to further expand their existing personalization and omnichannel capabilities to better support enterprise real-time customer engagement.”

“Optimizing customer engagement across the enterprise is critical for building brand loyalty, and marketers must have a way to easily take control of all of their data to drive relevancy and effectiveness across all touchpoints,” said RedPoint Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer John Nash. “Our partnership allows Bond Brand Loyalty to create a powerful solution for marketers to enhance their engagement efforts, providing optimal messaging to the customer through any channel to drive consistent and coordinated messaging at the speed of the customer.”

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Chalk it up as a first for Tozny, which has built a secure, privacy-preserving and password-free mobile authentication system.

The company has just announced the launch of InnoVault, a so-called “easy-to-use toolkit allowing developers to embed end-to-end data security encryption capabilities into their websites, apps, or software.”

As a result, developers can now raise the level of their data security and privacy management to National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) recommended standards – without the need for security expertise, reads a statement provided to MMW.

InnoVault is built on Tozny’s E3DB technology that was developed as part of a 2-year collaborative agreement with NIST. The underlying technology is used by pilot partners under the NIST agreement to secure private data being generated within transit systems, smart buildings, and medical devices. InnoVault packages the E3DB technology for easy use by developers and is available with both free and paid tiers.

“The rise of data breaches exposing sensitive personal data such as passwords, emails, contact information, or location demands a more comprehensive data security than what most mobile and web applications use today,” said Isaac Potoczny-Jones, Founder and CEO of Tozny. “By providing developers with straight forward encryption tools, Tozny is addressing data security at the code level across a broad range of applications, such as registration forms, health records, IoT sensor data, and HR software.”

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