The movie Bottle Rocket has one of my favorite dialogue exchanges in all art. Dignan (Owen Wilson) says to Bob (Robert Musgrave): “Bob Mapplethorpe, potential getaway driver, go…” And after struggling to sell his character strengths, Bob says, “…I’m just not that good at this selling yourself stuff, okay, so I’m just gonna tell you the truth. I really want to be a part of this team… and I’m the only one with a car.” “That’s good. Because that hits me right here,” says Dignan, pointing to his heart.


Life works much the same way for many businesses. They have a product or service that no one else has. They are earnest about building the company and truly want to improve peoples’ lives. They’re just not experts at selling themselves or generating excitement in others.


This is where VYPER comes in. VYPER is a growth hacking toolkit – software designed to help your company create viral growth via contests, giveaways, content upgrades, popups and more.


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At the heart of VYPER is incentivization and gamification technology that does the heavy lifting – helping companies setup and run campaigns, and ultimately boost engagement to maximum levels. Read: VYPER grows more leads and sales for your business.


VYPER equips companies to run contests designed to spark signups and referrals. The software assists with putting together the likes of a contest landing page and leaderboard. A leaderboard encourages friendly social competition and enables participants to unlock rewards according to their actions.


Basically, VYPER simplifies the work of offering perks in exchange for social shares and email sing ups. For brands that don’t know how to interact with customers (potential and existing) – or can’t build engagement as much as they would like on their own – VYPER gives them the means to do so directly. VYPER puts social sharing and interaction at the core of marketing efforts. VYPER knows how to help you generate excitement and encourage brand loyalty.


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Why is it so important to stimulate your customers to talk you up and bring others onboard? As the team at VYPER points out, studies from the Wharton School of Business show that customers who refer others or are referred themselves have a 20% higher lifetime value than normal customers.


VYPER is geared for generating phenomenal traffic through ‘word-of-mouth’ tactics. It’s built to support contests on either mobile devices or desktop. And the software takes the guesswork out of knowing when to offer bonus content or content upgrades by integrating automatic triggers based on customer action.


Tired of stagnate growth? Need help expanding your email list and driving sales? Explore the VYPER toolkit in greater detail at Plans begin at $29 per month, and start with a free 7-day trial.


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“I wish I had known about that happening last night, I would have gone.” And, “I’m so bored. I don’t have anything to do.” There is no good reason to ever hear these phrases spoken again.


Never mind Google search, Facebook, and so many other familiar Internet tools. Don’t even think about blaming your favorite coffee shop running out of the weekly pub with a social calendar for your lack of plans on a Friday night. You should know what events are taking place in your neighborhood, with just a few taps on your cell phone or keyboard. With VSPOTZ, you should always be on top of what’s going down around you and always be able to find something local to do.


VSPOTZ is “a local event search engine and web application that allows users to search for events by location.” What sets it apart from other tools focused on local discovery? VSPOTZ directs you to truly local events, not just events slated in the nearest city or metropolitan area.




Cities tend to do a good job of promoting themselves and enjoy substantial media coverage for their local scene. If you’re outside of a major hub…? Not so much. Event search engines tend to provide users with results oriented around the nearest major destination – which may or may not be ‘local’. We’ve still been lacking a comprehensive local search engine that works regardless of where you live.


VSPOTZ has stepped up to the plate, making it easy for anyone to find event information in their local area. Users can search by event, venue, state, category, or what’s happening today. This means that, with minimal effort, you can learn about nearby events in advance. Find out about all those small community gatherings, concerts, fairs, markets, and other activities that previously have mostly taken luck or insider knowledge to know about and attend. You can also turn to VSPOTZ whenever you find yourself with free time, to check out what’s going on that day. Whether you’re a planner or like to do things spontaneously, VSPOTZ ensures that you can find all the events of interest to you where you live, anytime.


With an internet connection, you’ll always be able to know about local events thanks to VSPOTZ. Ready to never miss out on free wine tastings, game nights, seasonal bashes and other fun local activities? Visit to begin searching for local events.


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The practice of yoga offers a beautiful journey of self-awakening and self-correction. Not that the journey is always pretty, or that the average yoga mat is of great help. If you enter a studio with any joint or limb pain, a slab of sheet metal provides similar cushioning. If you perspire (at some point of each class, you almost always will), your mat will feel better suited for a water slide than helping you to sustain poses.


And a mat that causes frustration is counterproductive to say the least. Which is why aspiring yogis will rejoice to learn about Artletica, an athletic products company specializing in artistically designed yoga mats and apparel.


Collage for KS


Artletica Founder Alex Vainer shares the experience that drove him to create the company: “Throughout my yoga practice, I found that most yoga mats were often plain and flavorless. The few mats that did have a design were of poor quality and hardly struck me with their charm. I was missing the artistic touch and creativity that a superb mat should encompass. Therefore, I embarked on a journey to create just that – an eco-friendly, high-quality exercise mat that was stunning in design.”


More than 400 people submitted over 1,000 designs in an international contest that resulted in the stunning designs chosen for Artletica maps. Selected for nature-inspired themes and vibrant hues, the mats radiate the inspiration of India and the Far East while also “capturing the modern monochromatic concepts born in New York City.”


Not only are the designs beautiful, they introduce a new layer of safety. They’re printed directly onto the mats making the mats slip-resistant, unlike the typical mat’s ordinary micro-fiber surface. What’s more, the mats offer exceptional cushioning for greater support and comfort.


yoga NYC


Given that one definition of yoga is the resolution of all conflict, several yogis have no doubt found it… problematic to damage the environment for the sake of your own wellbeing. Artletica mats assist mindfulness in this regard as well. Each mat is crafted from the natural rubber of the Para rubber tree. Moreover, all mats and packaging are fully recyclable and biodegradable.


We’ll have to watch the news cycles to find out if Artletica mats spark spontaneous chanting of Om, but people have already shown remarkable interest in obtaining these mats to enhance their yoga bliss. The Kickstarter campaign to launch the mats into the world surpassed its fundraising goal in under an hour!


Explore rewards still available and to learn more about these eco-friendly, artistically designed mats by visiting the campaign here.


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There is a touch of Indiana Jones in us all – an ordinary citizen on the exterior with a respectable job, while beneath… a courageous adventurer willing to traverse the globe in pursuit of fortune and glory.


However, most of us prefer that our excitement not come with bullets whizzing past our heads or our loved ones being routinely abducted. We find our thrills in games, and gaming. Plenty of us welcome the extra heart palpitations triggered by having a little money on the line.


Which is all to say that funzpoints, created by Woopla Games, is exactly the kind exhilarating pleasure that most of us crave – “Kick-ass social games with real cash prizes!”


funzpoints landing


Woopla Games provides free-to-play or pay-to-play social gaming opportunities. Funzpoints immerses players in a safari adventure, a “world of slithery snakes and trunk-swinging elephants, in search of the ancient tribal mask and long lost treasure map.”


Along the way, players encounter casino-style games. And, on top of exciting wins and “hidden bonuses”, players accumulate tickets for a daily jackpot draw. Yes, this makes funzpoints a social gaming platform that pays real money rewards to players. That’s money deposited to your credit card account (without being chased by nazis).


Exciting games + cash winnings + loyalty point extras = inner Indiana Jones satisfaction. It’s an irresistible formula, isn’t it.


Who said being an adult has to be boring? So you don’t want to crawl around in the actual jungle. So you can’t jet off to Vegas on a whim. That doesn’t mean the kicks you seek are beyond reach. Far from it. With funzpoints you have the ideal social gaming sweepstakes solution to feed your appetite for fun.


Can you hear the distant drumbeats calling? Monkeys chattering? Coins clinging? Yourself screaming? A taste of the exotic and bonafide chances to increase your fortunes are yours for the taking with funzpoints. No matter where you are. No matter what job you’re working. No matter how dull or constant your everyday routine.


Ready to get “whisked away for outside adventures, for extra wins and more free jackpot tickets”? Currently, funzpoints is in beta. Request an invite to join the platform at For more details, visit


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The last thing any business wants is to be responsible for customer data being stolen. It should go without saying that if you’re going to collect data, then you should do your absolute best to safeguard private and sensitive information.


Honesty test: can you confidently say that you’re doing enough to keep customer information secure? If answering that question makes you feel uneasy even the slightest bit, then you’ll want to have a look at InnoVault.




InnoVault is “a developer toolkit engineered to provide data protection at the code level.” In just a few minutes time, you can ensure that your customers’ data will never be compromised. Security will be added to your code – from the beginning – so neither your business nor your customers will ever have the slightest reason to feel vulnerable.


Far too many businesses address security late in the game or not at all. By then, it’s complicated or expensive or both to implement adequate protection. InnoVault, on the other hand, simplifies security by tackling it from the get go. A few lines of code, a few tags for data, and you can cross security off your worry list. Consider customer data in the untouchable vault.


From first to final release, InnoVault delivers security with minimal effort. Encryption, key management, secure storage, and policy management are all delivered as a service through the InnoVault API.


It’s rare to hear Founder’s speak enthusiastically about working on data encryption. That’s because encrypting data well can be complicated. It’s just not in the purview of many Founders, or developers. And who needs more hassles?


InnoVault handles security quickly, effectively, and affordably. The company offersthree plans that can cover any size needs, from small projects up to enterprise solutions. A basic plan is free, protecting up to 2,000 records. The Pro plan, which secures as many as 20,000 records, runs $9.99 a month.


InnoVault is a bargain compared to the lost business and other troubles that can result  from a security breach. Encrypting at the source, from end to end – it’s convenient and smart. Even when it proves necessary to share data, you can trust that it’s safe to do so when Innovault is on the job.


InnoVault is a product by Tozny, an Oregon-based company focused on providing world-class security solutions. For more information about InnoVault or to sign up for an account, visit


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