The Pope visited and left. Matt Damon is about to become stranded on Mars but will undoubtedly come back. This means that for the universe to remain in balance, the Silicon Valley will remain the Silicon Valley despite the recent IBM breakthrough in carbon nanotubes. It makes perfect sense if you work startup hours…




Is there something you want to see made? Request it. Can’t find the flight board in the airport? Check your phone. Stuck in a rut? Take a class. Watch as the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup pulls scarf after scarf out of its sleeve…


Killer Startups

  • Amazing Karma has found a way to keep track of karma points earned and lost, and put that karma to great use. Plus, the story of how the startup came into existence is one of the better founder stories. (It could only bring good karma to read and share, right?)
  • Startup ideas come cheap, which is a good thing because a bunch of ‘em out there aren’t worth a whole lot. Unfortunately they’re built anyway, which isn’t cheap at all. Request For Startup steers entrepreneurs toward ideas for things and services that people actually want.
  • Rex ends those tiresome waits for prescriptions, which only add insult to injury when you’re feeling down. Instead of sneezing and suffering in public, this service hastens meds to your doorstep.
  • How often would the average commuter adjust plans if it were possible to know the real arrival time of the next train or bus? We’re about to find out thanks to Transit App.


Living the Startup Life

  • Not too long ago, enduring bullies was simple one of life’s given tribulations. Tech has been at the forefront of changing this mindset – and The-No-App gives both the anti-bullying movement and targets of bullies a powerful tool to stop bullies cold.
  • So many great travel apps out there… but where O where is the airport flight board? Why, on your phone now, of course. Yeeeeeeessss!!!
  • You’ve probably dreamed of going to a number of chefs’ houses for dinner before, but would never have thought that doing so was a realistic option. That, friends, has changed. The home kitchen doors are now open. (No, you don’t need to be friends with the chef.)


Startup Tips & Trends

  • No one has enough time to send all the emails that they should in order to market effectively using email. This, however, is not a problem. Here’s how you fire off an email every time one is called for.
  • Adding new skills is a great way to improve your value in any marketplace. If you’re thinking, “if only I had the time and there were classes that fit my schedule,” sharpen those pencils, or charge those devices, or… The point is, there’s any easy way to find the right class that’s right for you.
  • Do you basically live on Gmail, but find that you need to turn elsewhere when you need to mail a lot of people? Prepare to love Gmail even more. A lot more.


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Apple iOS 9

If you have an iPhone, you know Apple has done a great job in making the device very consumer friendly. But business users have been slow in coming around, that is until the global partnership with IBM in 2014.

Since the announcement, many apps have been deployed for enterprises. And with the new iOS 9 mobile operating system, Apple — more than ever — has pushed how its phone can be used by businesses of all sizes.

So what’s new in iOS 9 that will help you run your small business more efficiently?

First thing’s first. The devices compatible with iOS 9 include:

iPads: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (fourth generation), iPad (third generation), iPad 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini

iPhones: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s

iPods: iPod touch (sixth generation, fifth generation)

Apple says iOS 9 is better than ever for business and it has done this by introducing features that are essential in today’s connected and collaborative digital workforce. Not only that, but the business specific apps it has been creating with IBM have enhanced management tools with faster integration.

And all of these improvements take up just 1.3 GB of your device’s on-board storage, compared to the 4.58 GB hogged by iOS 8.

Use the New Siri as Your Assistant

The public’s expectation of Siri was maybe a bit too much, but she is getting smarter. And for small businesses without a personal assistant, the new features in Apple iOS 9 can give you a heads up on many different tasks. A great new feature creates context-specific reminders so you or your employees can be reminded at a certain time or when a specific email, website, a note or a maps location is opened.

Use New Notes Features to Get Organized

Notes lets you attach images, videos, Web links and Maps locations. If you need to add more information, you can add bulleted to-do lists using checkmarks and sketches. And if you have multiple devices throughout your company, any changes you make on your Notes will be updated to all of them through iCloud.

Multi-task with iPad’s New Split View

Many businesses now deploy iPads so their employees can work from anywhere. The new Split View mode lets them use two active applications on the screen. This means Word and Excel files can be open at the same time and data can be swapped between them seamlessly.

Use Picture-in-Picture for Better Video Calls

Collaboration is key to the way we work today. With this new feature, FaceTime video calls can be scaled down and moved so the application can take over the rest of the screen. You can chat and work on your apps without missing a beat.

Mail Message Attachments Easily from Anywhere

The previous iOS Mail app limited the attachments of images and video to what was stored on your device. This was a great inconvenience for businesses that wanted their employees to be able to mail content from different sources. That is no longer the case in iOS 9, as you can now add files from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple apps and more.

Streamline Business with New Apple Pay

Cash is a great inconvenience for small businesses, and mobile payments are making things much better. The new platform will be able to store retail and loyalty cards in addition to standard credit cards.

Let Your Calendar Be Your Guide

Calendar is a great feature, but now it is much better because iOS 9 accesses reservations for restaurants, trips and other events from your email to make sure you are always on time. Based on this information, it looks up the location on Apple Maps as well as traffic conditions and makes suggestions about when you should start your trip.

Let New Maps Features Lead the Wa

Business travel meansy new cities, and the iOS 9 has a new Transit view that gives you directions including public transportation. It also has a multi-modal route planning feature that includes public transportation, other transport or walking as part of your overall directions.
Another Maps feature is “Nearby,” which displays Food, Drinks, Shopping, Travel, Services, Fun, Health and Transport located around you.

Tighten Up Your Security

One of the biggest concerns many have with their devices is security. The 4-digit passcode of the past is no longer sufficient, so iOS 9 has a 6-digit code to secure your device. An additional security feature is two-factor authentication, an extra layer of security for your Apple ID.

As the collaboration between Apple and IBM continues to grow, there will be more business apps in future iterations of iOS, and some may be of use to your business.

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IAB Wants to Do More About Ad Blocking Convenes Group to Study OptionsThe Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is getting serious — and trying to do more — about ad blockers.

In fact, President-CEO Randall Rothenberg just reiterated his disdain for the practice. While acknowledging how many small publishers are being hurt by the practice, he pledged that the IAB will take new steps to help them fight back.

“Because many ad blockers cloak their presence, for example, the IAB said it had developed code to help small publishers tell when consumers arrive intending to stiff-arm their ads,” according to AdAge.

That lets publishers know who’s knocking at the door — and gives them an opportunity to change hearts and minds.

“Some publishers that see ad-blocking visitors arrive greet them with dialogue boxes encouraging a change of heart or, failing that, perhaps becoming paid subscribers,” noted AdAge. “But the open architecture of many web pages has allowed ad blockers to hide even those dialogue boxes, Mr. Cunningham said. The IAB is recommending that publishers switch to more secure protocols to prevent that.”

But it’s not all bravado. There’s a bit of mea culpa mixed in, too.

“Part of the problem is as an industry we have gone a little bit overboard on the advertising,” said Rick Jaworski, CEO at, during a main-stage session with Mr. Rothenberg designed to publicize the plight of publishers. “For myself, when I go to a lot of sites these days, I’m irritated and I want an ad blocker.”

What’s next?

The IAB’s new group working on the problem will hold its first meeting next week. The goal is to “study and experiment with responses including a more clutter-free web experience, strict guidelines for the data that ads traffic in, public messaging, and renewed promotion of the industry’s AdChoices program,” which aims to give consumers at least some control over their digital experience.

SCORE Ranks Social Media Channels for B2C and B2B -- And They're DifferentRecently SCORE, the nation’s largest network of free expert business mentors, put their heads together to corral statistics on the most effective strategies for social media marketing.

It’s an important issue. About 88 percent of rapidly growing small and mid-size businesses now utilize social media.

So what works, according to those retired but still savvy executives?

Depending on the target audience, marketers found certain social media platforms to be more effective. SCORE execs asked B2C marketers which platforms provide the best results. In order of positive impact, the respondents pointed to Facebook (58 percent), Twitter (52 percent), YouTube (49 percent), Instagram (43 percent), Pinterest (41 percent), LinkedIn (36 percent), and Google+ (23 percent).

On the other hand, B2B marketers had a slightly different vision of which social media channels were most valuable to them, citing LinkedIn at the top (63 percent), followed by Twitter (55 percent), YouTube (48 percent), Slideshare (42 percent), Vimeo (40 percent), Facebook (32 percent), and Pinterest (25 percent).

“Surprisingly, people share content 49 percent more on weekdays than on weekends,” noted SCORE. “Forty-eight percent of B2C marketers tend to post more than once a week, and 42 percent of B2B marketers post daily or many times a week.”

Want to download the SCORE Infographic (pdf) for more details on the best social media marketing practices? Click here.

Today’s Killer Startup: White Noise


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.09.57 PM


Elevator Pitch:

White Noise is an app that has more than 40 “white noise” sounds available.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I grew up in a house with lots of kids and lots of noise. To get through a full night’s sleep (And let’s be real: most of the morning as well. I was a teenager, after all.) I had to work out ways to drown out the noise of my brothers flowing directly up from the kitchen and into my room. Add on the fact that my windows faced a very busy street, and you can bet that there was no such thing as a silent night in my childhood.


My solution back then was to put a massive, old box fan in my room and turn it on to full speed, even in the dead of the winter. The noise of the motor drowned out whatever stupidity my brothers were getting into downstairs, and I was able to sleep through the night.


These days I’ve traded brother sounds for jungle sounds and roosters, as my house here in Bali is more or less open to the rice paddies and jungle all around us. My earplugs plus fan combo do a decent job blocking out the noise, but I’m still awakened often by roosters that don’t seem to understand that the sun isn’t yet up at 3 AM.


That’s why I’m downloading White Noise as we speak.


Even if you don’t have to deal with boisterous brothers or confused roosters, white noise can help you get through the night without waking up. The app includes 40 sounds for free, which don’t need to be streamed (though you also have access to streaming hundreds of sounds). Whatever sound you choose will also loop seamlessly, meaning there are no interruptions to the flow while you’re getting your Zs. It even comes with a gentle alarm clock so that you can wake up to soothing sounds instead of those heart stopping BEEP BEEP BEEPS you’ve been jolting yourself awake with every morning.


It’s also great for trying to sleep on trains, planes, and buses – when there’s so much activity around and you just need to zone and get a snooze.



Loud noises keeping you up all night? Get #WhiteNoise by @tmsoft STAT.


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