Before I Knew It…I was at home the other night with my…

Before I Knew It…

I was at home the other night with my girlfriend. We were talking about music from the early 2000′s, specifically Ja Rule’s music. Before I knew it we were watching old videos on Youtube. Two hours later it was midnight and our time travel to our youth was complete.

The next day it dawned on me. “Youtube is one of the greatest innovations of our time.”

I know that’s pretty obvious but there’s a difference between knowing something and recognizing it. How many times during a boring night have you fell into the youtube hole? How much money have you saved by watching a Youtube video instead of taking what’s broken to a professional? Youtube has sewn itself into an integral part of our lives.  

And it’s only been around for 11 years.

The concept of Youtube is so simple. Allow users to upload self-made videos to share with the web.

Now Youtube has produced many stars and is one of the most important medium outlets in existence.

It’s the ultimate equalizer.

Youtube gives users an equal playing field when it comes to getting noticed. Everyone has an equal shot. The key is to make something people want to see, or didn’t know they wanted to see.

I know, the ads are annoying but that’s just a testament to how popular Youtube is.

I’ll stop taking up your time so you can shoot that video of your cat doing something so it can go viral. 

As always, thanks for reading.