Boomin They don’t want you to read this. If you’re anything like…


They don’t want you to read this. 

If you’re anything like me then once you see the word they you immediately start talking like DJ Khaled.

All my snapchatters know what I’m talking about. DJ Khaled has taken social media, specifically snapchat, by storm. His keys to success and inspirational quotes have bombarded pop culture and he’s become a pitchman with unlimited range.

He’s probably the only guy who can convince me to sign up for healthcare then celebrating by drinking vodka.

That’s his uniqueness at work. Khaled has been successful before, he’s created numerous hits that have made countless summers better. If you want to get a party started look no farther than the guy who keeps saying his trademark, “another one.”  

This realm of success is new though. Sure, Khaled was well known throughout the hip hop community, but now he’s crossed over to the mainstream. His snapchat stories are memorable. From showing us what Chef D has for breakfast to every talk ranging from cloth and elliptical, Khaled’s life is one big motivational poster.

I must admit, when I first started following him I thought his snaps were all jokes. I thought Khaled was being dramatic just for a few laughs. Now that I know he’s serious the snaps become a little more admirable.

Khaled has found a way to make his, We The Best, brand better. He mastered one platform and launched himself to another level. Now it serves as a pathway to free advertising for him and his friends. He now uses Snapchat to make *mogul alerts* (announcements).

The best part about this entire ordeal? It doesn’t cost Khaled a dime. In fact, Khaled is being paid to host different Snapchat channels.

Taking something that’s free and turning it into profit. That’s the key to success.

As always, thanks for reading.