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Paying Off

I’m not a gambling man. I work too hard for my money just to give it away to something when the odds are stacked against me.

Under Armour, on the other hand, likes to gamble.

The sports equipment company that was founded in a basement is now hot on heels of Nike and has already surpassed Adidas. The unbelievable part of UA’s rise is that it’s only been in business for 20 years. Nike and Adidas have been around the block a lot longer.

So what’s their secret?

They took calculated gambles on “castaway” players.

Steph Curry is phenomenal. He’s the reigning NBA MVP and is on the verge of repeating that honor this year. When Steph entered the league everyone knew about his smooth jump shot but that’s about it. He was considered small with glass ankles. Now he’s an unstoppable force and it’s all thanks to UA. If you want a more in depth look into Steph’s journey feel free to click here.

Steph isn’t the only investment Under Armour has made that’s paid off. Cam Newton’s history making season has added to the UA stock.

Since we’re talking about it, let’s just state the fact that Under Armour has the four reigning MVPs signed to their roster (Step Curry, Bryce Harper, Cam Newton, and Carey Price). It doesn’t hurt to have Tom Brady and Jordan Spieth in the wings too.

UA also makes a quality product for a reasonable price. I’ve read many reviews claiming that Under Armour’s shoes rival, and even surpass, Nike’s footwear. The company is truly on the upswing.

A swing that doesn’t have a end in site.

As always, thanks for reading.