For The Culture

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Black Twitter has been blowing up since Friday.

No, it’s not over politics, Empire, or even hotepism. Twitter has exploded due to Netflix dropping the long awaited Luke Cage series. Many people, including me, have digested the entire season in a matter of days. Marvel hits another home run but this one is a lot deeper than storytelling and character development.

Luke Cage is for our culture.

The portrayal of black men in media is often a subject that flies under the radar, until now. We could go into how when black men are victims of police brutality the first thing we see is their record or a questionable photo but I’ll digress for another day.

As a kid I was a huge Power Rangers fan. While most children argued who would be the green or red ranger my cousin and I would literally throw hands to see which one of us could be the black ranger. The black ranger was so important then and I didn’t even realize it until I was older.

Seeing someone that looked like me saving the day gave me hope that maybe one day I’ll be able to kick Lord Zedd in the face and save Angel Grove. Granted, I didn’t know that it was all fictional but the importance is still relevant.

Luke Cage does that not only for the new generation but the entire entity known as black culture.

I’ll do my best not to reveal any spoilers but fast forward to episode 11 and listen to Method Man’s freestyle about Cage. It perfectly sums up everything he means to black people in a time where we’re seen as threats.

Even in all the triumph Luke Cage has absorbed, there have been some criticisms. Some say it “lacks diversity.” In other words, the show is too damn black.  

That criticism alone should point to how black people live day to day. We need to stay within certain parameters in order to make others feel comfortable. The fact that Marvel decided to throw that aside and not only make the series black, but unapologetically and in your face black, speaks wonders. Luke Cage is a symbol of strength, literally and figuratively, for a group of people who’ve exemplified it throughout their entire existence.

As always, thanks for reading.