The Rebuild

Before we get started I think we should point out that what Jared did was heinous and he got what he deserved. That’s obvious.

This is more about how Subway has distanced themselves from the scandal and actually moved on with very few bumps in the road.

After the information about Jared’s crimes surfaced on July 7th Subway wasted no time and suspended their pitchman on the same day. A move that was praised by the public. It was morally sound and it sent a clear message that Subway was about the truth and what’s right. That’s a policy that more companies should adopt. A little over a month later Subway severed all ties with Jared. Their swiftness in disassociating themselves with him allowed them to get out before things got even heavier.

Since the scandal Subway wasted no time in relaunching a new campaign that focused on their employees, food, and customers. A move that will payoff sooner rather than later. By not having one singular spokesperson Subway has made the chances of something like this happening again very slim. It also allows unlimited creativity due to the diversity of their customers. The company has a new day ahead of it.

If you’ve kept your eyes on the news you’ve probably seen that Subway’s sales have been sluggish, which is to be expected. No company will come out unscathed from a scandal of that magnitude.

I wouldn’t fear too much, they just have to stay the course. Keep focusing on the product and customer satisfaction and Subway will be on the up and up in no time.

As always, thanks for reading.