Crack the Code 

Apple is in a war.

The FBI wants the tech giant to write a code that will unlock the phone of the San Bernardino shooter. Apple has objected saying that making that code creates a backdoor to their iOs system, leaving the opportunity for hackers to infiltrate iPhones everywhere.

This isn’t going to be about if Apple is wrong or right and the ethics behind the story. We’ve already talked about how Apple is re-writing consumer behavior. The next chapter of this book is about trust.

No matter what the outcome maybe Apple has already won in the PR category. By standing up the FBI and refusing to create a code that has the potential to harm customers; Apple has drawn a line in the sand in defense of their clients.

Nothing creates loyalty like someone standing up for you. Apple is indirectly building their brand in a way that a lot of companies can’t, and wouldn’t do.

If Android runs into a similar situation (I hope not) and creates a code that has the potential to put their customers in a vulnerable state then Apple will look even better. Brand equity is so important in the era of social media. We’ve seen companies that don’t have it and crumble once a scandal hits. If the people don’t trust your brand then it’s only a matter of time before you’re exposed.

Apple will fight this until the bitter  end, and their customers are glad to see that.

As always, thanks for reading.