The Constant Improvement.

Quality over quantity.

It’s a phrase that’s weaved itself into modern day cliché. The thought that one item that has more value is worth more than multiple items with lesser value. That’s a motto J. Crew has adopted and used to create an empire.

Founded in 1983, the goal was to sell quality garments to upper-middle-class consumers at a lower price than Ralph Lauren. Their selling point was reasonable prices mixed with quality fabrics. Catalogues went with style that wasn’t traditional. Pictures of shirts were shown on the bodies of models from different angles along with close ups of the the fabric. That was their way of showing how the shirt actually fit and the quality of fabric used.

J. Crew banked that their quality fabrics and unique washes would persuade consumers to join their team. They’ve built their brand around the philosophy that the clothes you wear should not only fashionable, but durable. It’s a tactic that creates unparalleled brand loyalty, if executed correctly. The company has traveled the globe to create the best quality clothing possible and their hard work is paying huge dividends.

The best asset J. Crew has going for them, in my opinion, is the simplicity and versatility of their collection. I guess they figured if someone is going to spend $80 for a shirt then they should be able to wear it for any occasion. It’s a small detail but it’s the little things that matter most. (another modern cliché)

Today J. Crew is one of the leaders in the fashion industry. Their simple, yet complicated looks create an outfit that is versatile in any environment and timeless.

Something that you can’t put a price on.

As always, thanks for reading.