The Takeover

Amazon has completely changed the way that we, as consumers, purchase items. In a world where convenience is the primary factor, Amazon puts the entire world at our fingertips. Anything you could possibly desire is only one click away.

Not only is Amazon convenient but the company is innovative and versatile. The only downside to ordering things online is waiting on its arrival. Amazon’s new drone program eliminates the wait and delivers your product within 30 minutes. That’s faster than the actual trip to the mall. If you don’t have the drone program near you then signing up for Amazon Prime is also a great investment.

I’ve touched on appealing to your target audience before but Amazon has taken that to another level. It’s a mass customization that makes them the gold standard. I can’t think of a company that can service so many people that have a plethora of different needs and wants. New parent looking for a way to save some money? Don’t worry, Amazon Mom might be for you. Are you a college student on a budget? Amazon Student understands. Need to make dinner but can’t make it to the grocery store? Amazon Fresh has everything you need. I can keep going if you’d like but I assume you get the picture.  

Amazon has taken over the e-commerce market. Their services and products won’t be matched for a long time, if ever. It just goes to show that a company that has the right product and stays true to its core beliefs can have longterm, sustainably success.

As always, thanks for reading.