Last Thursday I was sitting at home. It was a beautiful night…

Last Thursday I was sitting at home. It was a beautiful night but my girlfriend and I stayed in. The season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy was about to start and I wondered how I was going to kill an hour while she watched Shondaland. I started going through my timeline and the most amazing thing happened.

There was a link to watch Thursday Night Football on Twitter. In HD.

To say I was happy is an understatement.

Earlier this year the NFL and Twitter came to an agreement that Thursday Night Football could be streamed, for free, over Twitter. A move that was questioned at the time but boy am I happy that it happened. Thursday Night Football has always had a reputation for being hard to watch, being that players only have three days to rest and all.

Anywho, the NFL needed to find a way to get more eyes on the game and they most definitely have found their solution. By streaming free on Twitter the NFL had tapped into a new way to promote its product. It’s hard for people to sit in front of a TV for three hours so by streaming over Twitter allows mobility. It also allows people easier access to the most popular sport in America. Most people have a Twitter account but if you don’t then you’d be more than tempted to sign up now.

The NFL is all about the fan experience. The more fun fans have the more money they’ll spend on the product. Streaming games on Twitter is a innovative way to enhance how fans experience the game.

The NFL get many things wrong but this is a success.

As always, thanks for reading.

Here To Stay. What a time to be alive.We live in an era where…

Here To Stay. 

What a time to be alive.

We live in an era where information is at the tip of our fingers. We can figure out the best restaurants, closest movie theater, we can even hail a complete stranger to pick us up and take us wherever we want to go.

In a time where we have so much available we’ve evolved into a group that believes in doing things themselves. How many Tasty videos do you see per day showing us quick, easy meals? How many Pinterest boards are smothered with DIY projects? How many Etsy stores have thrived off making things from scratch? This phenomenon has even grown to a much larger scale. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s host free classes teaching homeowners how fix and enhance their homes themselves.

What has started this change?

Money, duh.

This DIY revolution has been a long time coming, especially after the recession. Millennials have especially adopted this mindset thanks to crippling student loan debt. Americans in today’s climate try to save money however they can, even if it means using a little elbow grease to do so. There’s a certain charm to it, harkening back to the “good old days” where our forefathers made everything from scratch.

It’s a trend that won’t end anytime soon, even as the economy grows the current recession is still fresh in a lot of minds. The grip on wallets are stronger than ever and it may take a generation or two to loosen that grip.

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The Life and Times…We’re getting serious af this week. If that’s…

The Life and Times

We’re getting serious af this week. If that’s not your lane then I understand, I promise I’ll bring some of the usual heat next week.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s election season. Every single time I log onto Facebook it’s a meme of one party dissing another or someone demeaning someone for something….it’s exhausting.

One of the most frustrating things about this election season is the stance on police brutality within the black community. I, as a black man, am petrified by what’s going on around me. Seeing fellow men of color being shot for virtually nothing puts me on edge everyday.

Side bar: please, don’t come running in my mentions with “black on black crime” retorts. It’s played out and has no relevance to the issue at hand. You’re just a troll trying to deflect what’s going on. Go back to your bridge.  

Back to the topic, being a black man in America today is being in a constant state of fear and being feared. That at any moment your life can take a dark, twisted turn for the absolute worst. All because of the melanin in your skin.  

For those screaming, “not all cops are bad.” I agree, but please see the side bar written earlier.

I’m sure many of you reading this are saying that it’s an exaggeration. Life can’t be that hard for black men and I’m being dramatic. Get over it, slavery and racism are over. (that’s my favorite line ever.)

Allow me to tell you a story or two.

I used to live in Central Virginia, one of the prettiest places on earth. We lived at the foot of a mountain and each season was breathtaking. One fall evening my girlfriend, my sister, my brother-in-law, and myself wanted to try a BBQ spot that was about a mile away from our apartment. This place was tucked between a few high class restaurants and a coffee shop. While walking to the spot we had to pass a really nice, and very expensive Italian restaurant. As we got closer I started to see “the fear”. An older white couple saw us walking and immediately crossed the street. The patrons in the restaurant window stared at us and did everything but scream, “we don’t carry cash!” as we walked by. Even the valet guys tightened up, their face was covered in terror. I’ve seen “the fear” before but never at this magnitude. After paying for our meals we walked back to my car and left. As we went up the hill to leave there was a police cruiser parked and waiting. He wasn’t there before and he didn’t pull us over but I had a feeling someone called the officer once we walked by. So many emotions ran through my system: fear, anger, disgust, and even embarrassment. Why are these people so afraid of us? What did we do to harm them? We just wanted some bbq, that’s all.

The irony? That restaurant was in the middle of a historic black neighborhood…..    

That’s the night I decided to leave that area once our lease was up.

That experience isn’t only limited to me. Everyday thousands of black men have to look “the fear” in the eye and hope they can live to tell the story. It’s not an exaggeration and it’s not paranoia. Black men are feared more than an Adam Sandler movie. We’re seen as a real life horror entity that only exists to destroy. There is no age minimum for this fear; young black boys are also seen in the same light as men.

I have two younger male cousins that are in college. Both are in their early twenties and like doing things that college kids do. One is your normal size guy, nothing intimidating. The other plays collegiate football, he’s huge in every sense of the word. Earlier this summer I had to send them a message, a text that broke my heart. I had to tell them that if they are encountered by police and feel as if they’re being harassed then just comply and ask for their card or badge number. Asked to be cuffed so that they won’t be accused of reaching. I told them just to survive. A dead man can’t tell his side of the story.

That is a reality that’s all too familiar for black families. My father has had that conversation with me many times and I’m sure I’ll have that talk with my children one day. I didn’t get it as a kid but now, as an adult, I understand and thank my father for planting that seed of awareness.

This isn’t meant to for pity or to guilt anyone for anything. I wrote this to give a glimpse to what it’s like being black in America. The daily struggle of keeping your sanity while looking over your shoulder. The fear that a miscommunication with a public servant could lead to your death. The sad part is that there are far more worse stories than that.

The saddest part is that as hard as it is being a black man in America it’s ten times harder being a black woman. That requires a strength that I could never achieve or even put into words.

As always, thanks for reading.    

You There?It happens every morning. Ten minutes before my alarm…

You There?

It happens every morning.

Ten minutes before my alarm goes off my phone lights up and I roll over to see what it is. Most of the time I think the worst because….I’m me but most of the time it’s an annoying email from someone wanting me to buy something.

I’m sure it’s happened to you, too. You’re waiting for that text back, an important phone call, an email, only to be disappointed by an email blast.

The question is, are they still effective?

Yes, having email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach multiply people in a short amount of time. The question is how does one make people read the material? We live in a time where marketing emails are like commercials, we skip them whenever we can. They seem to be more of a nuisance than anything else.

I don’t have all the answers but here are a few ways to make sure your email not only gets opened, but read.

First, add a coupon. This only applies to emails from businesses that sell things (duh) but the best way to keep people from clicking unsubscribe is to save them money. It’s also a great way to grow your email list, which is the goal to begin with.

If you’re not selling anything then you have to focus on having exceptional content. That is the key to anything related to advertising. Content is king and as long as your content is superb then the chances of your email being read grow exponentially.

Timing is also an important, and tricky, skill to master. When will your consumer be more than likely to read your email? Is it in the morning when they wake up? (probably not) Is it during work hours? You must figure out the optimal time to send your email. If not, it’s going to the trash and quickly.

I wish I had more for you but as the Joker once said, “If you’re good at something never do it for free.”

On that note, I’m out.

As always, thanks for reading.

The Infinite Sting.Boy, Beyonce made a lot of noise this past…

The Infinite Sting.

Boy, Beyonce made a lot of noise this past weekend.

If you were hiding under the mattress you missed Queen B drop Lemonade, her new album that came with a movie. I haven’t seen it yet but apparently it’s a masterpiece. Knowing Beyonce, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

This isn’t the first time she’s released an album unannounced. In 2013 she released and self titled album in the middle of the night. She also managed to set Twitter on fire and solidify her spot as the GOAT.

The real story from Lemonade is that Beyonce hints to what a lot of people have suspected, Jay-Z being unfaithful. Though Beyonce didn’t say her name Twitter didn’t take long to out the mistress as Rachel Roy. The BeyHive (her legion of loyal fans) swarmed Roy’s social media leaving lemon and bee emojis. The sudden attention led Roy to cancel a speaking arrangement to avoid harassment.

This isn’t a think piece on Beyonce and what she should do about her marriage, that’s none of my damn business. This is about how her legion of fans will go to war for her with the drop of a word.

Think about that, Beyonce’s brand is so strong that strangers will harass other celebrities for even thinking something negative about Queen B. It’s truly fascinating. Once upon a time I wrote about how music can elevate and set the tone for an ad. This is that but times 1,000. Beyonce’s music is so innovative and calculated that she’s created her own Twitter army. There’s something to be said about having that much influence. I don’t want to sound like Uncle Ben but with great power comes….well you know the rest.

Beyonce has used that power as a platform to voice her opinion on social topics that are plaguing America. She’s used her voice as a beacon of hope to those who relate to her.  

You don’t have to like her or her music but you must respect that she doesn’t turn a blind eye to issues and stands up for what she believes in.

As always, thanks for reading.