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5. T-Mobile: Drop The Balls

Talk about turning a failure to success, or a phoenix rising from the ashes.

If Steve Harvey has taught us anything throughout his Miss Universe fiasco is the power of taking responsibility and being able to laugh at yourself. Yes, Harvey fell prey to the Twittersphere but now he’s getting the last laugh. The Steve Harvey brand is stronger than ever. 

Anyone else see the irony of a comedian going through something like this or is it just me?   

4.Toyota: The Longest Chase 

Toyota went the same route Mini did for the game this year. The goal was to change the view on a car that is mostly made fun of.

Mini did a good job with their ad but Toyota did a great job.

The longest chase shows the pros of the Prius while also showing America’s love for the little guy. 

Money well spent. 

3. Turkish Airlines: Fly to Gotham City/Metropolis

I had to catch this one online and I’m glad that I did. Most movies released the usual 30 second trailer during the Super Bowl but Batman v. Superman took an alternative route. Teaming up with Turkish Airlines to promote the film is pure genius. It also allows us to see the DC Universe for the upcoming film. If you weren’t excited about the movie then seeing Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor should, at the very least, peak your interest. 

Using a real airline to promote fictional cities adds a sense of realism the the film. DC has its work cut out if it wants to compete with Marvel but they’re on the right track with ads like this. 

Here is the Gotham trailer. 

2. Buick: Cascada Convertible

For years Buick has tried to change the narrative that their cars aren’t just for retirees. They’ve done a great job appealing to new audiences. It’s risky to use items that arefamous in pop culture but Odell’s catch is iconic and pays homage to it just right. Odell’s reputation on the field may have taken a hit but his star power is as strong as its ever been.  

Buick is starting to carve out piece of the automobile market. 

1.NFL: Super Bowl Babies 

The NFL gets a lot of things wrong. They way they handle domestic violence cases and other matters that affect the game are only a few black eyes the league has taken.

The one thing they do get right is advertising. The Super Bowl Babies spot was great. Using choirs of all different ages and etas id a great way to show the diversity of their fanbases. Having Seal there as a guide adds the little star power that pushed this over the top. 

As an Eagles fan it pained me to put this at number one. I’m not worried though, we will be making an appearance soon……hopefully. 

I know what you’re thinking, where is the Doritos ad? I enjoyed that one too but it ended being on the outside looking it. 

What do you think? Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know. 

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