The Come Up

A while ago I wrote about how Apple is changing consumer behavior and how they essentially ruled the world.

Man, how times have changed.

Apple release its second quarter earnings back in March. Though the company brought in $50.6 billion (yes, that’s a B) it’s down for the first time in thirteen years. Don’t be fooled, Apple is doing just fine. They have more than enough money.

The company has to be a little shaken though. Last year the company posted $58 billion in revenue for its second quarter. That’s a 13% drop when comparing the two quarters.

The reason Apple has seen a minimal decline is because its main rival, Samsung, have found a way to compete with the tech giant.

Samsung figured out that their tech will probably not, or at least not right now, match Apple’s so they’ve taken an alternative route. Samsung has jumped into the race by offering a variety of watches, phones, and other products that Apple doesn’t make.

They’ve even jumped into the virtual reality business.

Apple’s products are a one size fits all while Samsung allows you to shop for your size. A risk that is starting to pay dividends.

The thing that’s still working in Apple’s favor is their operating system and their fan’s loyalty to them. I’ve had an iPhone for years and I can’t dream of going anywhere else. That kind of brand loyalty is what still makes Apple a giant and the leader. Samsung is slowly closing the gap and Apple has to be looking over their shoulder.

If not then don’t be surprised is Samsung bites them in the…….

As always, thanks for reading.

The Come Up.

Since its inception ESPN has been the mecca of sports coverage. It’s been in the midst of many classic moments. Sportscenter has not only been a staple but a catapult to some of the biggest names in the industry. ESPN has expanded over the years by adding things such as fantasy football and other games but there is a competitor quickly climbing the ranks. ESPN is still top dog in the broadcasting arena but is losing ground in the sports coverage aspect.

Bleacher Report (b/r) launched as a digital media company in 2007. It covers hundreds of teams around the world and gives its users easy access to anything going on in sports. b/r also taps into pop culture; writing pieces on new shoes, music, and many other things.

That’s not even the genius aspect of b/r. The site also allows average Joe’s like you and me write, and publish articles on their site. That’s right, you have the opportunity to write about your favorite team(s) and have it published! b/r also collects reports, tweets, and other materials from writers who work for other publications and puts them all in one place. Why pay a beat writer, like ESPN, when you can just put all of their information in one place?They have harnessed the power of social media and used it to their advantage. b/r’s team stream has taken fandome to another level. I know I check the Eagles team stream every hour. It’s easy, accurate, and there’s always something new to read.  

If it weren’t for the strong relationships that Insiders at ESPN have developed around multiple leagues then b/r would be a clear cut favorite for breaking stories first.

With all that being said I believe that there is enough room for both entities. ESPN has a lot of personalities and the resources to make sure their people can reach a wide audience. ESPN’s programming is still second to none (especially His & Hers and the 30 for 30 series). As long as they have that going for them then there’s no reason to fear b/r just yet.

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