Shock It Out

I was surfing the web at work the other day when I cam across this new ad campaign.

It’s absolutely genius. The statistic is a sad reality that we have the power to change but the shock factor really drives the point home. During my short time on this earth I’ve learned a lot about advertisements. One being that giving a cold, hard truth in a manner in which you won’t expect it is one of the most affective ways to get a point across.

You see ads like that mostly when dealing with a PSA. These companies have a short time to get you to care about their cause and the only way to do that consistently is giving an uncomfortable visual. I’m sure you know by now that we, as consumers, pay more attention to visuals than other forms communication.

By giving visuals consumers don’t have the luxury of downplaying the problem in their mind. I’ll give you an example.

“Desertification destroys 6,000 species per year.”

What did you think of? A few snakes slithering across the hot, desert floor. A scorpion sitting on a rock?

The possibilities are endless. Luckily, the WWF has given an image to their statistic.

Gets the point across a little better, right?

Adding a shock value to whatever it is you’re trying to promote comes with a price. Each ad after that must be just as, or more shocking than the previous one. At some point and time your audience will be used to the shock and it won’t have the same affect. Also, some audiences may start taking it as a company crying wolf too many times. At some point you’re going to be tuned out and completely ignored.

So be careful, don’t shake people up too much.

As always, thanks for reading.

A New Path

Twitter may have struck gold.

If you haven’t heard, the social media site was chosen by the NFL to stream Thursday Night Football (TNF). Users will be able to stream games from Twitter’s platform. The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to own a Twitter handle to watch (but who doesn’t have one of those?) Only ten games will be available thought Twitter but it’s still a victory.

By having live games streamed Twitter has blazed a path to take social media to the next level. Twitter can now earn even more revenue and the NFL can get their product out to a vastly bigger crowd. If there’s one thing we know about the NFL it’s that they’re always looking to expand its audience.  

Twitter has been hot on Facebook’s heels throughout the years and this might be the final step into overtaking the social media crown.

Why is this so important?

Social media sites now know they can expand their platform beyond their current audience. More people will tune in through Twitter than by watching it the old fashioned way. People will now have the option to watch the game from literally anywhere. The versatility alone makes this valuable.

If they’re smart they’ll add extra features that would only be available for those who have handles. Twitter’s value will skyrocket and set the trend for other sites like Periscope.

If this goes well we should seeing other sites line up to stream content from other leagues. People spend a lot of time on their phone, finding a way to reach them there is the right way to expand the social media experience.

As always, thanks for reading.