Chatty Patty Every Wednesday at 2PM (EST) I’m at my computer…

Chatty Patty

Every Wednesday at 2PM (EST) I’m at my computer anxiously waiting. The #AdWeekChat is about to begin. I usually cut my lunch a few minutes short in order to attend. It’s hard participating in a Twitter chat while at work but I’ve figured out ways to give the illusion that I’m doing something productive.

The chats are always fun, even if I don’t have any input on the topic. It’s almost impossible not to learn something new every week. I’ve always believed that if you’re the smartest person in your twitterverse then you need to follow more people, and quickly. The key, especially for someone trying to get into the industry, is to learn as much as possible. Chats have the advantage of taking swarms of information and placing them into 140 characters. It’s like the sparknotes version of the industry.

Chats are a great way to engage your audience and see what’s on their mind. Social media gives the world one common forum to share ideas. It makes the world smaller, in a good way. There aren’t many mediums out there that let you talk to numerous people across the world instantly. Chats help moderate that power while also connecting people who didn’t know about the others existence.

The greatest advantage of social media is its ability to start a conversation. The question is, are you listening?

As always, thanks for reading.


The #AdWeekChat isn’t the only good conversation going on in the Twitter world. Here are some of my favorites.

#SplashChat by Splash Media

#BoogieSocial by Boogie

I would list more but that would really give light to how unproductive I can be and I don’t want agencies to think I’m la..I gotta go, my boss is calling me.