Push Start.

I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock but Madden was released earlier this week.

For the foreseeable future people across this great nation will log in numerous hours building franchises, challenging friends, and trying to recreate highlights that they see on Sunday.

Madden is just a small section of what has become a recent phenomenon for a lot but a “business as usual” for others. The power of gaming has been felt for decades. Many friendships have been strengthened, and ruined, by video games.

Why is that?

Games bring out a side of a person that’s usually tucked away. A side that’s highly competitive, intense, funny, and many other emotions. Games help people blow off steam. It’s a safe way to express yourself without repercussion.

For some, gaming is a way of life.

With esports on the verge of becoming the next big thing gaming has also turned into a community. A place where people can connect no matter how far they are apart. Gaming has made the world smaller, mostly in a good way. Sure, you’ll deal with trolls but that’s everywhere now.

Gaming also lets people experience new worlds and explore places that we could only dream of. We get to be our favorite characters and walk in their shoes.

The best part? Gaming is only getting better. With enhanced systems, better graphics, and virtual reality on this is definitely the golden age for gaming.

As always, thanks for reading.      

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