Sticking Around. In a time where competition is fierce Apple and…

Sticking Around.

In a time where competition is fierce Apple and Android have been at each others throats. Both tech giants have spent years one-upping each other for the title of who’s the best.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 today and it has all the bells and whistles. Samsung unveiled the galaxy s7 not too long ago and again, it has all the bells and whistles.

Here’s the thing about both Android and iPhone. Both companies aren’t going to attract new customers. I know people on both sides and they’re pretty cemented in their belief. For those who do wander to the other side it doesn’t take long for them to go back.

It’s come to the point where it’s about brand loyalty.

Apple appeals to a certain audience as does Android. The key is to deepen that loyalty and getting consumers to spend more.

That’s how marketing at this stage is done.

Ask yourself, do you really need a new iPhone? The answer is probably not but the new one is so intriguing. You need it to be waterproof and who doesn’t want the old school, jet black covering?

Tech companies aren’t the only ones who go by this model.

Jordan has been selling the same sneakers for 20+ years. Why on earth are people still buying them?

Outside of the limited supply Jordan sells different colorways that won’t be seen again for years. By doing that, along with only releasing a few numbers each year, Jordan remains relevant and keeps his loyal customers coming.

The hardest thing to do as a company is keeping customers engaged in what you’re selling. After the initial introduction of your product dies down one needs to find out what the customer enjoys/needs and exploit it. If not it’s inevitable that you’re going to fade to black.

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