The Miseducation of Gabby Douglas Man, what a difference time…

The Miseducation of Gabby Douglas

Man, what a difference time makes.

Four years ago Gabby Douglas was the apple of America’s eye, she stole our hearts while she crushed the competition in London. Her story was compelling, she was elegant and represented America with class.

Now, she’s been thrown aside like an old paper.

The scrutiny that Douglas has received during the Rio Olympics is unfair and honestly, unreasonable. Every mannerism has been put under a microscope. Everything from not putting her hand over her heart to not seeming excited for her teammates. I’m waiting for a report to surface criticizing her for not tying her shoe laces.  

Then, the criticism of her hair. It’s amazing how black women are constantly scrutinized for their hair while everyone else tries their hardest to copy it. That’s a story for another time, though.  

With everything that Gabby is going through I hope Simone Biles is paying attention.

You know Simone, right? She’s the girl killing every gymnastics event that Rio has to offer. She’s “taken” Gabby’s place and America can’t get enough of her.

Stop me when this story sounds familiar.

If Gabby’s story has told us anything it’s that America will throw Simone aside as soon as the next talented gymnast comes and tears the floor up.  

Even with all the hurtful bombs that have been hurled in her direction Douglas has been a class act. To be 20 it’s easy to see that she’s mature beyond her years. I know a 20 year old me would have some harsh words for critics but Gabby keeps her cool.

In a society where black people are told to be quiet, Gabby’s #blackgirlmagic is still front and center; giving black girls a mountain to shout from.

As always, thanks for reading.